7 things you may not know about hydrogen right here:

  • One of the first elements created after the Big Bang (if you believe in the Big Bang)

  • It’s the most abundant substance (75%) in the universe and the richest energy source for stars (The sun is made up of mostly hydrogen).

  • NASA fuels its spaceships with hydrogen and the resulting water is so pure astronauts drink it.

  • The world’s largest hydrogen electrolysis plant is currently being built at Rhineland refinery, Germany.

  • The first electrolyzer appeared in 1800 when Nicolson and Carlisle induced a static charge into water.

  • The name hydrogen comes from the Greek words “hydro” (meaning water). It was named by French chemist Antoine Lavoisier because when it burns it “creates water”.

  • Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe.