An Alternative Hydrogen Production for the Future

Our first industrial demonstrator in Strasbourg for the R-HYNOCA project. The unit is sized to produce 700 kg of renewable hydrogen per day.
Photo: Haffner Energy
Insights with
Philippe Haffner
Philippe Haffner

Co-founder and CEO of Haffner Energy

Can biomass thermolysis be the future of sustainable hydrogen production?

Thanks to its unique ‘carbon negative’ hydrogen production process Hynoca®, Haffner Energy’s technology produces renewable hydrogen by thermolysis of sustainable biomass. A viable, competitive and flexible alternative, which could prove to be a key asset for combining Energy Independence and Carbon Neutrality for Europe.

How can production of hydrogen from biomass be competitive?

The unfortunate events in Ukraine highlighted what distinguishes our process from other hydrogen production technologies. First, its stable cost. Since February, energy prices soared, but we have seen almost no increase in our costs because our process is unrelated to the cost of fossil fuels and electricity. Biomass allows the production of hydrogen at very competitive cost, between €1.5/kg and €3/kg. Our process gives value to sustainable biomass, producing ‘green’ hydrogen on demand, without intermittency, and provides a complementary solution for decarbonization thanks to biochar co-production.

Does your process achieve a negative carbon footprint?

Biochar, a co-product containing carbon generated during the biomass thermolysis, is the foundation of our ‘carbon negative’ technology. For every kg of hydrogen produced in a Hynoca® station, 5.5kg biochar is co-produced, allowing the sequestration of 12kg of net CO2 . A perennial and stable carbon sink, biochar is a quality fertilizer, especially for acidic soils and draining soils. COP 26, the IPCC and the European Union described biochar as the most mature method for capturing CO2.

How does your process fit into a local and circular dynamic?

Biochar allows the recovery of local biomass. By offering an economic outlet to a resource derived from agricultural or forestry waste, unexploited and free from competition of use, our process stimulates the circular economy by creating jobs and value; energy production is relocated to its place of consumption.

Does our project provide a complementary decarbonization solution for industry and mobility players?

Hydrogen is the flagship of the Energy Transition, and must be surrounded by a fleet of solutions to ensure complementary functions such as the five-in-one solution.

We are committed to becoming major players of the decarbonization and energy transition, by providing massive and immediate solutions to produce competitive decarbonized hydrogen.


Ethical and Sustainable Biomass

As part of its IPO, Haffner Energy created Biomatch, a service that makes it possible to source, recommend and/or provide certified sustainable biomass to its customers to support them throughout the biomass and biochar supply chain.

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